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What is AdBlue

Adblue is the product used in a selective catalytic reduction system (SCR) for short. This system helps to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxide from diesel engines. Adblue is a chemical produced in line with Governmental bodies stringent emission targets set by Euro 6 emissions regulations that state vehicles must produce less than 80mg/km of carbon dioxide.

The SCR system does this by injecting Adblue, a chemical liquid, into the exhaust gas stream, which then reacts with the NOx to form harmless water vapor and nitrogen. Adblue is actually refined pig urine that has been purified to remove the smell, exiting the vehicle as diesel exhaust fluid making no external, visual change to the exhaust system.

AdBlue delete is a software update that removes the AdBlue system from the vehicle’s computer. This can be a good option if you are comfortable working with computers and you have access to the right tools.

A comprehensive Adblue Removal software solution

AdBlue delete is the most common method of removing the Adblue systems functionality as this requires no hardware manipulation and is solely controlled through the engine control unit (ECU) software. AdBlue delete service is a hugely favourable choice for diesel vehicle owners and is simply executed by coding a small electronic unit removing SCR technology. No more warning messages, no more expensive Adblue fluid refills.

AdBlue Solution



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